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To be an influential voice of Indonesian Christian movements that contribute toward a vision of civil society in Indonesia. Influential here means a credible, expert, and cutting-edge source.

Our vision is FICA's vision based on of Matthew 28:19-20 in light of our God-given identity and privileges as Indonesian Christians equipped with good education. CSS strives to be a steward of those God's talents and privileges that were given to us through seeking the integration of our faith, life, and vocation.

Should we see Indonesia through our human eyes, we will be despairing skeptics in seeing the discouraging picture. Corruption, poverty, collusion, nepotism, chaos, poverty suicides, thugs, the silent tsunami, and many others. Should we see our beloved country through God's eyes and heart, however, will make us cry with Him, knowing that that very picture offends and hurts God so much, yet in our Christian faith, Hope is always there. “Whom shall I send? Who will go for Us?”, said the Lord (Isaiah 6:8). God is sending His Good News to everyone, including Christians. It is a Good, Pleasing News for people of all religions and beliefs. It is our job to translate His Truth, which is the key for Indonesian recovery, through our testimonial personal lives and vocations. We need to answer our calling seriously, diligently study and derive His Truth to be manifested in all contemporary aspect of lives, be it political, social, arts, economic, etc. so that It brings goodness for the people of Indonesia. Our God-given privileges are real and need to be used appropriately like the Parable of the Talents.

A vision of civil society is needed in Indonesia. It is our heavenly as well as earthly citizen duties to help achieve that. A vision of a pluralistic, free, just, and equal society where different people can live equally under law in peace and seek the truth freely. It is an urgent vision to be pursued, for the choice otherwise will cause even more suffering and pain.

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