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Ambon Conflict Demanding Attention From International Security
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Conflicts and clashes which occur in Ambon (Maluku) is getting worsen, and may expose danger to the efforts to bring peace back between those involved in the clashes. In term of the losses resulted, it is predicted to be greatest human right problem in Indonesia, following Aceh and East Timor.

The continuing Clashes in Ambon, beside is resulted from old guedge (from previous clashes), is also a result of the manipulation imposed by irresponsible people to destrong the unity of the communities in Ambon, and in Indonesia in general. The worsening situation in Ambon is also caused by the fact that people do not trust the local and central authority/government. Also, the security personnel have been seen to be side for certain group, and are suspected to take point in triggering the continuing clashes in Maluku.

From our field investigation since the beginning of the conflict in the beginning of 1999, data are found as follows:

1. Ambon conflict is a result of the manipulation at national level, which can not be separated from conflicts in other regions in Indonesia for the benefits of certain political elite groups, by 
abusing internal (social, economic and cultural) conditions in Maluku as triggering factors, to hide the trace of the intellectual actors.

2. The efforts of controlling security of Ambon clashes have proven to be ineffective, and even triggered people emotion to involve deeper in the continuing clashes. There have been proven by facts as follows :
a. The security measures, are conducted in repressive manner, rather than preventive.
b. Intellectual capability of the security personnel are not utilized optimally to anticipate the security conditions which are changing fast and heating.
c. Involvement of certain security persons, directly or indirectly, in the riots has caused the conflicts to be continuing.
d. Certain security persons have been suspected to take side for certain closing group.

3. Central government key persons, in this case President Habibie, Security Minister Wiranto, Police Chief Other Related Minister, have given impression that they close eyes (ignor) the last Ambon clashes. This may be related to their election of new President and establishment 
of the cabinet members, during and after next people Assembly general meeting.

4. Local government, Regional Military Chief (PANGDAM), and Provincial Police Chief (KAPOLDA), have not been able to do much to control the situation. The give impression that the are being dictated by certain parties. Activities to bring peace negotiation between closing 
groups have so far been held involving higher political elite without enough participation of lowe community who involve directly in the clashes.

5. The presence of formal organization, such as Indonesia Human Right Commission, Armed Forces 19 Team formed by Chief of Armed Forces or Fact Finding Team formed by President Habibie have never Revealed the result of their jobs. The root of the problems has not been openly revealed.

6. The promise of security authority to catch and to put low charge on the provocateurs (of the first clash) has not been realized. Meanwhile, most of those changed are only those people who are accused of conducting crime or those doing self defense of protecting their belongings.

Those conditions illustrated above indicated that the Indonesian government has lost authority and respect in the conflict in Ambon an other regions. And, in Ambon the security authority has for involved in deepening and prolonging the conflict.

Facing the worsen situation, we thing that there in no other better way that inviting the involvement of the international community the solve the conflict in Maluku in the form of imposing pressure to the Indonesia government, or if ever needed to involve international security authority as the mediator between the closhing groups to the stop conflict.

We hope that all those who are concerned or symphatize with the conditions in Ambon (Maluku) may campaign this thought in order to bring back secure and peaceful conditions in Maluku. 


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