Church and Human Rights Persecution in Indonesia


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Pictures of Riots (1)
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1.gif (12631 bytes) 1)City of Poso was destroyed because of riots from 25-28 of December 87
Kota Poso porak poranda akibat kerusuhan 25-28 Des 98
2.gif (13106 bytes) 2) David Rongkaloe was dragged, cut, and burnt by rioters during ariot on December 28, 1998
David Rongkaloe diseret, dibacok dan dibakar massa dalam kerusuhan 28 Des 98
3.gif (12993 bytes) 3) David Rongkaloe, a torture victim on December 28, 1998
David Rongkaloe korban penganiayaan massa 28 Des 98
4.gif (13948 bytes) 4)Oikumene Iradat Puri Church in Palu was burnt, December 30, 1998
Gereja Oikumene Iradat Puri, Palu dibakar 30 Des 98
5.gif (13554 bytes) 5)
6.gif (15918 bytes) 6) Ruins of building cause by riot at Poso, 25-28 December, 1998
Bangunan tinggal puing-puing akibat kerusuhan Poso 25-28 Des 98
7.gif (14230 bytes) 7) Rioters holding weapons in Poso riot.
Massa dgn senjata tajam dlm kerusuhan Poso.
8.gif (11589 bytes) 8) A fight between Christian and Moslem youth at the front yard of this Darrusalam Mosque had triggered riots at Poso.
Di halaman Masjid Darrusalam inilah terjadi perkelahian antara pemuda Kristen dan Islam   yang   menjadi pemicu kerusuhan Poso.
9.gif (26920 bytes) 9) Ridwan(a Moslem) who was attacked by a Christian - December 23, 1998
Ridwan(pemuda Islam) yg diserang Pemuda Kristen -23 Des 98.
10.gif (12099 bytes) 10) Cars were burnt in Poso riot - December 29, 1998
Kendaraan dibakar massa dlm kerusuhan Poso 29 Des 98

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